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Playing shows with the likes of JEFF MARTIN (TEA PARTY), HAREM SCAREM, LEE AARON, A Rebel Few,  Bobnoxious,  Clumsy,  Split the Skye, Renegauge, Zealots Desire, Vivid Eye, Straight out of Line etc....  Thank you to all our fans and everyone who supports live music for making these events great!!




Tune into 100.7 The Island  Sat Nov 1st at 10:40pm for a live interview and acoustic performance with Paul and Jeff from CounterWait!  Also featuring the radio debut of our new single "Get Out"


          CounterWait is a versatile rock band consisting of Paul Charlebois-Guitar/Vocals and Jeff Freitas-Guitar/Vocals who formed the band in 2010. All band members have been writing and preforming for most of their adult lives. Together we create a unique sound of vocal artistry through harmony and catchy lyrics/melody. Over the last few years CounterWait has successfully introduced itself into the rock scene. Joining the ranks is Jeremy Grischow on Bass, and Jordan Malcolm on drums. As a band we have been developing our sound and musical direction. We have been blessed with ongoing support from family, friends and our fans. In releasing our debut album we hope you give back to our supporters and satisfy the many requests we have received to share our music.
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